What is the function of a corner valve?

1. A corner valve is actually a device that opens, closes, or regulates the flow function.
2. Some households have larger water supply systems. If the faucet in the house is broken, the main valve must be closed and the water in the water pipe must be drained before maintenance can be carried out. Is it very inconvenient? If a corner valve is installed in advance, some bathroom components need to be repaired. Only the corresponding corner valve needs to be closed for quick repair.
3. Control water pressure and limit water flow. I don’t know if you have any experience. When using a shower in a new environment, the water pressure may be particularly strong, making it uncomfortable to take a shower due to the impact of water flow. At this time, the function of the angle valve can be reflected. In addition to adjusting the size of water flow, the water pressure can also be controlled through the adjustment of the angle valve, and most people don’t know that one adjustment is permanently effective. Not only that, adjusting the water pressure can also prevent the phenomenon of excessive water pressure leading to the rupture of the faucet hose.
4. Equivalent to the second barrier, when a bathroom appliance in the home leaks water, the water source can be immediately turned off through the corner valve without affecting the use of other faucets.

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