Standard for purchasing stainless steel check valves?

Different types of stainless steel check valves have different working characteristics, so when choosing stainless steel check valves, we should pay special attention to their types. The selection standards for stainless steel check valves are as follows:
1. Vertical lifting type is usually selected on horizontal pipelines with a nominal diameter of 50mm. The through type can be installed on both horizontal and vertical pipelines simultaneously. However, for the inlet pipeline of the pump, a bottom valve should still be used. The bottom valve is usually installed on the vertical pipeline at the pump inlet, and the medium needs to flow from bottom to top.
2. If it is a lifting rotary type with good sealing and high fluid resistance, a horizontal valve should be installed on the horizontal pipeline, and a vertical valve should be installed on the vertical pipeline. The installation position of the swing check valve is not restricted. It can be installed on horizontal, vertical, or inclined pipelines. If installed on vertical pipelines, the medium flow direction should be from bottom to top.
3. Butterfly check valves have unrestricted installation positions and can be installed on horizontal pipelines as well as vertical or inclined pipelines. Another type of diaphragm check valve is suitable for situations where water hammer is prone to occur on pipelines, as the diaphragm can effectively eliminate the water hammer phenomenon caused by medium backflow. Therefore, it is usually used in low-pressure and normal temperature pipelines, and is particularly suitable for tap water pipelines.
4. Spherical check valve, it is mainly suitable for medium and low pressure pipelines and can be made into large diameter.
The selection criteria for stainless steel check valves can be roughly divided into the following points. If you have any doubts when choosing stainless steel check valves, please feel free to come and consult. Consultation hotline: 0576-87379636

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